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New Wideformat Hardware


The topics of security & encryption continue to be big items for 2016. Keep your eyes open for more conversation on this topic, but for now, I want to focus on a simple form of encryption that you’ve probably used without realizing it: HTTPS. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a protocol for sending and receiving information across…
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Snatch Customers Before Your Competitors Do!

Investing in direct mail for customer acquisition? Your competitors are! As their efforts become more proactive and strategic, how do you plan to attract those same customers before your competitors do? Here are three proven strategies for grabbing attention in the mailbox. Use dimensional mail. In a stack of envelopes, a padded envelope, a package,…
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Print Bests Digital for Driving Purchases

Want proof that print drives sales? Just ask the researchers at Temple University, who found that print has more impact than digital when it comes to increasing reader engagement, recall, and ultimately, purchases. The study was sponsored by the Postal Service Inspector General’s office (OIG) in conjunction with Temple’s Center for Neural Decision Making. The…
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The Summertime Marketing Opportunity

Have you ever noticed that your mailbox gets emptier in the summer? That retail POP displays don’t turn as frequently? As the weather heats up, marketing typically slows down. The good news is, as your competitors take a break from marketing, this opens a window of opportunity for you. Summer is an excellent time to…
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9 Tips to Increase Snail Mail Open Rates

Even the best written sales letter will be ineffective if it’s never read. This is why the envelope can be the key determining whether your direct mail gets opened or tossed. Here are some ideas for making your envelopes more enticing: Oversize it. Anything outside of the standard #10 envelope will set your piece apart. Make…
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Fonts Set a Tone & Shape a Story

Good typography equals good communication. We have thousands of typefaces to choose from. What does your choice of typography say about you? Historically, typographers designed almost all of the classic fonts for specific purposes. Let’s look at the history of some of our favorite fonts. Venetian book printer Aldus Manutius invented italic type not because…
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Don’t Just Design- Stand Out

Your customers are buried under an avalanche of conventional and uninteresting print materials every day. How can you elevate your marketing collateral, direct mail, and displays with simple design changes, no matter what your budget? By creating a unique visual identity. Being unique doesn’t mean throwing out the basic tenets of marketing and design. But…
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What Do Your Mailings Say About You?

Remember the old phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? That’s true in marketing, too. What do your marketing campaigns say about you? Let’s look at two different approaches. Dear homeowner, We’re having a big sale! Come into our showroom this weekend and check out our wide variety of merchandise.…
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Rally Sales with Drip Marketing

What is drip marketing? It is a powerful form of marketing in which marketers gradually drip content out to customers and prospects over time. Drip marketing includes a wide variety of channels, including direct mail, email, newsletters, and social media. It can be used for brand building, product introduction, cross-sells, and a variety of other…
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