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Author: Tricia

Do Your Finishing Options Take The Cake?

You wouldn’t bake a cake without finishing it off with icing, would you? Neither should you create a printed piece without considering how to finish it off with one of the many decorative and protective finishing options available. At the most basic level are varnishes or coatings. Traditional varnishes and coatings can be solvent or…
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We Make 1:1 Printing Easy.

It used to be that, in order to create powerful 1:1 print campaigns, you had to be both a marketing wizard and a database master. No more. Today, the software does much of the work for you. The secret is in the Web portal where your content, your templates, and your data are maintained in…
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Why Paperless is NOT a smart move.

All around us, we hear about the benefits of going paperless. When it comes to marketing, that may not be the best move. In a world of social media saturation and clogged inboxes, direct mail has more power than ever. In fact, a recent Brand Science Study showed a 62% lift for digital campaigns that…
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Make your direct mail STAND OUT!

Every day, postcards, flyers, and other direct pieces and other printed material bombard us. How do you ensure that yours stands out in the crowd? Here are four highly effective methods for designing printed material. Grab Their Eyes: People can’t read your message if they don’t see it. The first thing you must do is…
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Don’t Skimp On Print ( Here’s Why)

Tempted to shift marketing dollars to electronic media because it is less expensive? Think before you switch. While electronic media, including email, can be an important part of the mix, print remains the bedrock of an effective long-term campaign. Let’s look at five reasons you can’t afford to skimp on print.   Cut through the…
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Timing Is Everything.

Thinking Direct Mail? Think Timing When we think about the benefits of direct mail, we think of tangibility, message retention, and breaking through the clutter. But when GrayHair Software thinks about direct mail, it thinks about timing. In a recent e-book, GrayHair, which provides software for postal tracking and multi-channel marketing services, described multiple benefits…
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Written By A Real Person, For A Real Person.

Does Your Marketing Content Sound Human?              Whether you are writing text for direct mail, email, blog posts, or any other type of marketing material, ask yourself, “Does my content sound human? Does it sound like something a person might actually want to read?” When competition is fierce, it’s tempting to throw in every feature and…
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Full Palette Of Color

What Dictates the Meaning of Color? When designing marketing materials, whether print or online, do you fall prey to the temptation to rely on traditional meanings for color? If it’s a luxury product, you use black. To bring excitement, you use red. If it’s a premium product, it must be gold. While we do tend…
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More Reasons to Love Color.

We all know the value of color images in your marketing mix, but what about the messaging? Study after study shows that when messages are in color, they have a powerful impact on your bottom line. Among the benefits: Helping readers find information more easily (great for insurance policies, contracts, and other lengthy documents) Reducing…
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