Boaz, Alabama


PUR Binding

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) is an adhesive used in book binding that is stronger and more flexible than
traditional hot glue (EVA—Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Since PUR glue cures by pulling moisture out of the
air it bonds to the book through a chemical reaction. This makes the bind 50% stronger than traditional
glue binding and makes it almost impossible to tear a page out of the spine. Also, due to PUR glue
properties, it can’t be reheated so extreme heat does not affect it and the glue will not crack during cold
conditions. PUR is great for binding coated papers books and books with heavy ink coverage or special

PUR uses a much thinner application of glue compared to EVA. Due to PUR glue properties mentioned
before and a thinner application, PUR has a greater flexibility than EVA glues. This provided the bound
book lay-flat ability. With less adhesive on the spine, there is less distortion of shape and cleaner overall

PUR adhesives are easily separated and removed from paper fibers making it easier to recycle. It also
melts at lower tempertures which requires less energy and a better carbon footprint.

PUR is the most durable and flexible book binding glue available.


  1. Great for books with frequent use due to its flexibility and strength
  2. Binds books with coated paper, UV coating, varnish, Aqueous coatings very well
  3. Has superior flexibility preventing cracking on the spine of books when pressed flat
  4. 50% stronger than EVA (hot glue)
  5. Adhesive is unaffected by extreme cold or heat after cured.
  6. Due to thin application, there is less distortion of spine shape, resulting in crisp, square
    appearance of book spine.