Dimensional Coating

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Dimensional Coating

BPI Media Group offers a special feature on our digital press that can make any printed piece have a 3-D effect. Our Kodak NexPress can give texture to your product to make your direct mail piece, tradeshow handouts or the cover a book jump out from the competition’s material. By simply building a texture with a transparency layer in the digital print file, your piece can come alive like never before.

Dimensional printing starts by loading Kodak NexPress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink into the fifth imaging unit of a NexPress press. Dimensional Clear Dry Ink is a new dry ink that creates a clear “raised” layer on top of a page element after fusing. It can be used to enhance graphics, text, or a full color image.

The overall tactile effect is similar to thermography, but with a greater degree of control. Dimensional printing can be set to produce variable heights so you can more closely mimic the texture of a specific image. And, unlike thermography, which can only be applied to ink, Dimensional Clear Dry Ink does not require ink or an image to adhere to the substrate.

Differentiate your printed pieces from the competition with our BPI Media Group Dimensional Coating Solution and see results.

Reference the how-to guide of building a dimensional coating in the Resource Center of our website.

For additional information, contact us at 800-235-6652 or email us at info@bpimediagroup.com.