Use Psychology to Boost Results

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Use Psychology to Boost Results

Simple techniques related to human behavior can boost the results of marketing campaigns. Here are a few simple techniques that are particularly easy to implement.

Imply Minimums

In research done for the American Cancer Society, Robert Cialdini found that, by adding a minimum to the call to action increased donations by almost 80%. Set a minimum purchase or, if you’re fundraising, a minimum donation.

Leverage Subjective, Personal Labels

People become who they are labeled to be. Recipients tend to see themselves this way and act accordingly. This is supported by a behavioral study examining voting patterns. Researchers found that people randomly labeled as politically active were 15% more likely to vote.

Imply urgency

“Three days only!” is more engaging than “Act now!”

It might be hard to comprehend how such simple wording changes could pay such huge dividends, but repeatedly, the studies show that they do.