We Make 1:1 Printing Easy.

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We Make 1:1 Printing Easy.

It used to be that, in order to create powerful 1:1 print campaigns, you had to be both a marketing wizard and a database master. No more. Today, the software does much of the work for you. The secret is in the Web portal where your content, your templates, and your data are maintained in a centralized location with easy-to-use interfaces.

The process starts by brainstorming a marketing project and working with us to set up the rules, develop layouts, and pre-approve content, such as text blocks, images, and databases. Then you (or anyone you choose to give access to) can log in, make selections about what is to be included in the marketing piece, and click “OK.”

If the user wants to customize the piece (change colors, headlines, or other elements), this can be done within pre-set limits that you determine. Personalization can often be applied by using drop-down menus that, with a little training, anyone in your staff can use.

Once the project is complete, the user checks out as they would at any other online store.

Making 1:1 marketing easier is that the person ordering the marketing materials doesn’t have to be the one designing it. A designer creates the piece, we upload it and set the parameters for personalization, and using templates and rules, the user can select and customize the piece and place the order. Often, all

they have to do is fill out basic information and use the drop-down menus provided. Elements are flowed in, the rules applied, and the piece produced and shipped to the right location automatically.

This workflow requires a time investment to set up, but we’ll be there to help you.

What’s important to understand is that the barriers to entry are lowering for 1:1 print marketing. Software has come a long way, and it’s making personalization easier and more accessible than ever!