Want to Improve Results? Look to Readability

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Want to Improve Results? Look to Readability

Printing is a visual industry, but the copy matters, too. If people can’t read your messaging easily or if it’s difficult to understand, you won’t get the results you want. Here are five tips for improving readability and thereby improving your response rates, conversions, and sales, too. 


  1. Be specific. 

People are drawn to details. For example, which copy is more likely to draw your eye? 

  • “Save money.”
  • “Save hundreds of dollars.”
  • “Save an average of $386 per year.”


It’s the last one. “Save $386” really jumps out. Details draw the eye and command attention. Use them!


  1. Be relevant. 

People’s eyes are drawn to copy that talks about things that matter to them. Let’s say you are a bank marketing to a target audience with a high percentage of families with children about to graduate from high school. Sure, you can talk to this audience about how your savings accounts have the highest rates around, but “We offer half-percent higher interest” might not be the messaging that resonates most. “Put the extra earnings from our high-yield savings accounts toward college tuition!” might be a better approach instead. 


  1. Add images. 

Even the most specific, relevant copy can fall on deaf ears without an image to accompany it. For example, you might create a banner ad that says, “Download your free retirement guide,” that goes totally unnoticed, even if it’s hitting your target audience. Add an image of the cover, however, and suddenly the ad is getting tons of clicks.  


  1. Use numerals when possible. 

When discussing numbers in running text, use numerals instead of spelling them out. For example, which draws your eye more? “Save ten thousand dollars”? Or “Save $10,000”? Numerals make details pop. 


  1. Avoid using all caps. 

For the most part, the human eye has difficulty distinguishing between words and letters in all caps. Avoid using all caps except in rare instances. 


Want more ideas for great design and type that make your message stand out? Give us a call!