What’s So Great About Event Marketing?

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What’s So Great About Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a powerful tool because it offers a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. Direct mail, email, social media, and other marketing channels play essential roles in your marketing mix, but in-person events offer something unique that other channels don’t. They allow attendees to interact with the brand and experience it firsthand.

Here are three reasons you want to incorporate event marketing into your marketing toolbox.

  1. Events make it more personal.
    Does your brand have a personality? You bet! Events allow you to showcase that personality and connect with your customers personally. It makes your company feel, well, more human. People like to buy from people, so get buyers to engage with your brand at in-person events, and you will increase sales and win their loyalty.
  2. Events make products more memorable.
    In-person events offer a multi-touch, multi-sensory experience that profoundly embeds information in customers’ memories. This is what makes trade shows so powerful. Studies show that attendees who have physically interacted with a product (such as in a product demo) are more likely to remember that product and retain it in more detail than products they learned about in a passive environment.
  3. Events let you learn more.
    Events are great for meeting people, learning more about your customers and prospects, and gathering the information you can use in marketing long after the event. Use registration forms, interactive booth or seminar games, badge scanning, and other techniques to gather as much information about attendees as possible. After all, they have pre-qualified themselves as high-value leads just by being there, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Want to learn more about event marketing and how to use booth graphics, displays, and marketing collateral to support your event marketing efforts? Let us show you how!