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Introducing Storefront:
BPI’s Web-to-Print Solution

Increase workflow & brand capability with your own self-service marketing portal.

BPI’s online Storefronts provide companies and organizations with a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution than traditional printing. Storefronts are the most innovative and sophisticated way to reduce print cost by managed inventoried items and variable templates for print-on-demand output.

Manage your own custom web portal that is branded with your own look and feel. You can view and order literature, personalize correspondence, direct mail, and have it printed and mailed or shipped right from your own desktop. Additionally, you can do this at anytime in any place with an internet connection!

🕗 24/7 online availability: order anytime
🎯 Maintain brand image: your print files, logos, colors, and more
🎨 Customize designs on the fly to improve engagement
🤑 Minimize storage & waste cost with print-on-demand
🔍 Approval tiers for managing users & products
🚚 Define & limit shipping options like expedited shipping
📧 Order & shipping confirmation emails with tracking numbers
📊 Live order status, inventory tracking, and detailed reporting


Watch a demo video below, or contact your BPI Account Manager for a live demo for your and your team.

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“BPI Media Group has been a much-needed partner over the past two years. Here at Royal Cup, we strive to provide our customers with quality products and services. BPI has matched, and many times exceeded, our expectations with their products, services, attention to detail, and professionalism. We feel as if our account rep, Ethan Davis, is a part of the Royal Cup family. Any time, and I mean ANY TIME, we need assistance, guidance, and/or help, he is willing to come out to our campus and meet with us face to face. BPI is a very dependable partner for Royal Cup. Their expertise and value is definitely a value-add to our customers.”