Practical Benefits of Color You Should Not Overlook

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Practical Benefits of Color You Should Not Overlook

When designing any printed piece, it’s essential to think about the aesthetics of color. But did you know that color can have very practical benefits, too? Here are some crucial ways that color can boost your bottom line.

  1. Helps people remember. Not only do you want recipients to pay attention to your messaging, but you want them to remember it too. Study after study shows that when messages and images are in color, it increases recall dramatically. 
  2. Helps readers find information more easily. This is an excellent benefit for insurance policies, contracts, and other lengthy documents. The ability to find information quickly translates into fewer calls to your customer service line. Every one of those calls has a cost associated with it. When you can give recipients greater clarity when reading medical, legal, and other transactional documents, this translates into real money. 
  3. Reduces errors. When people can find information more quickly, they make fewer mistakes. Highlighting instructions or account information helps people get it right the first time.
  4. Slashes payment time. When people pay faster, you make more money. Use color to highlight the amount owed and the due date, and watch your invoices get paid faster.
  5. Increases the ability of readers to understand and retain information. This is great for all types of marketing and sales.

When you want to draw your readers’ attention to something, consider printing it in color. Make phone numbers or payment information stand out in a letter. Highlight discounts in a brightly colored starburst. Use arrows or colored bullets to focus attention on critical points in a brochure. 

The takeaway? Color matters—not just in your graphics but in your messaging, too. Let us help you use color to make you money and save you money