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Who Determines Your Brand? Your Customers!

Brand image matters. It’s how consumers see your brand, whether it’s positive or negative, and whether it’s a brand they want to be associated with. What’s your brand image? Hip? Edgy? Socially conscious? Are you the “go-to” destination for people who love adventure?  While the brand image is critical, it isn’t determined by what you…
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Put Floor Graphics to Work for You

Want to delight and engage your shoppers? Bright, colorful floor graphics offer various marketing benefits, including navigation, branding, and messaging. Floor graphics are durable and lightweight, and because they are designed to be removable, you can switch them out regularly. Here are five ideas for using floor graphics in your marketing:  1. Say “Hi!” Create…
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Top Customer Loyalty Factors: How Do You Stack Up?

Do you have loyal customers? Do you even know? According to experts, there are “loyalty behaviors” that, when tracked, can help you understand how loyal your customers are. Once you have the answer, you can develop marketing strategies to improve loyalty where necessary and keep those customer relationships strong.  Here are the five behaviors of…
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Want Marketing Success? Don’t Do This!

We all love reading about marketing mistakes as long as they aren’t our own. Not only do these tales make us say, “Whew! Glad that wasn’t me!” But we also learn from them. Here are five real-life mistakes and how the marketers fixed them. Learn from their experience! Tapping into the wrong motivation  One nonprofit…
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5 Reasons Print Is Still Thriving

Remember all of those forecasts about the demise of print? They haven’t come true. Like most offline channels, direct mail took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is still remarkably effective. Research by PFL found that, even during the pandemic, marketers were 18% more likely to see “good” or “very good” ROI when…
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5 Best Tips for Ordering Branded Products

If you haven’t added promotional products to your marketing mix, you are missing an opportunity. Promotional products like branded pens and refrigerator magnets, or even more unusual items such as branded toys or back scratchers, reinforce your brand every time the recipient sees or uses them. Branded promotional products also tend to be kept for…
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5 Surprising Ways to Market with Packaging

If you are selling products on the retail shelf, packaging is one of your most important faces to market. When buyers are making a decision between two products, labels and product packaging can be the deciding factor. When buyers plan to purchase one product, great labels and packaging can entice them to purchase another.  DESIGN…
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5 Ways Automated Storefronts Save You Time and Money

Want to save money on your print marketing without changing anything but the way you order? Instead of sending an email request or placing an order over the phone, why not set up an automated storefront instead? Here are five ways this simple, cost-effective approach saves you time and money. SLASHES ADMINISTRATIVE TIME How long…
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5 Benefits You Get from Branding

When businesses plan their direct mail or email campaigns, their goal is generally customer acquisition or retention. But what about branding? Marketing campaigns explicitly designed to build your brand are as important as those for customer retention and sales. Why is branding so important?  Awareness. When people talk about your category of product or service,…
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