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New Wideformat Hardware

Print or Email? Which has Better Retention

The debate has been raging for a long time — which is more effective? Print or email? If you want people to understand and retain information, studies consistently show that it’s print. “Print and Paper Play a Key Role in Learning and Literacy,” an e-book produced by Two Sides (2015), compiles data from a wide…
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Print Production Peers (P3): New Twist on Peer Groups

The concept of joining a printing industry peer group is not for everybody. Some executives are uncomfortable with the thought of sitting down with a group of colleagues and sharing certain information regarding their businesses, particularly financial data. It’s a somewhat progressive concept and, frankly, it may not appeal to execs who have been doing…
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Tips for Getting People to Read Your Content

The buzz is all about content marketing these days. Direct mail, newsletters, white papers, social media, blogs. But more important than the channel used to deliver your content is the content itself. Are you giving your audience something they want to read? Here are give tips for developing content that will engage your customers and…
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Demystifying Basic Paper Terms: Bringing Clarity to Print

There is a bewildering variety of printing papers available, and deciphering a print quote can seem like reading a foreign language. Here are some of the most relevant terms you need to know. Basis weight is the weight in pounds of a ream (500 sheets) of a paper at its basic size, or the size…
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