Cyan Peer Group

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Cyan Peer Group

I have been a member of a printing peer group for sixteen years and have found it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a great way to share ideas about our industry, have a sounding board for equipment purchasing decisions and discussing long-term business strategies for future growth.

I talk to members of my peer group on a weekly basis on a number of topics between our physical meetings three times per year. I have never made a major business decision without discussing with the group, and we continuously share work with each other to accommodate our customers’ changing marketing needs.

If you look the Cyan Peer Group as a combined company, we have 54 offset printing units, 327 employees, 5 color digital presses, 7 black and white digital presses, are located in six different states across the US and have a wide array of finishing options in-house.

I appreciate each member and what they bring to the group. Our customers also reap the benefits by combining our different offerings to solve various problems in the most efficient way possible.

In a recent case, one of our member’s customers needed a large direct mail project printed and mailed in a very short time frame across the US. By having multiple members print and mail in their respected territories, the project was completed in the needed time frame and came in on budget.