Author: Alan Davis

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Wide format commercial press

Welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! It was a busy year at BPI Media Group, and I want to personally thank our employees, vendors and especially our customers for making 2013 a wonderful year. We ended the year with the exciting news that we have entered into wide-format printing. In November, we took possession…
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Cyan Peer Group

I have been a member of a printing peer group for sixteen years and have found it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a great way to share ideas about our industry, have a sounding board for equipment purchasing decisions and discussing long-term business strategies for future growth.…
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Our Next Newsletter: Augmented Reality

BPI Media Group is always exploring and looking for new technology to give our customers the most for their marketing dollars. In our latest issue of The Graphic Advisor, we have added a new dimension to our printed newsletter. Augmented Reality can make a printed piece come alive and increase the marketing experience. By using…
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RE: Print 13

Over the past 15 years, I have attended all Print shows (every 4 years) and most of the Graphic Expo shows (every year) in Chicago for new trends and technologies. This year had a very different look and feel than previous shows. The biggest difference was the lack of big iron. There was only one…
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We Want to Have a Relationship

Building long-term relationships with our customers has been our mantra for years at BPI Media Group. Although we like the once a year jobs, the only way to build a successful company is to develop relationships with our customers of trust and committing to what we say we will do. It is also our goal…
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Branding with Color

One great way to separate yourself from the thousands of messages your clients receive on a daily basis is by branding your company with a custom color. Coke red, Home Depot orange and UPS brown are excellent examples of branding your look with a color. These companies put great emphasis on protecting their look (ie…
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A New Year

The New Year has arrived and is a time for most people to create their 2013 resolutions. What is your resolutions for this year: weight loss, read more productive books or control the road rage? Because most individuals do not write down their resolution goals, make lifestyle changes or realize that changes don’t happen overnight,…
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