5 Ways to Build Your Mailing List

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5 Ways to Build Your Mailing List

Direct mail marketing remains a powerful and effective way to reach potential customers, especially when combined with digital strategies. But lists don’t build themselves out of thin air. You have to make them! How do you do that? Let’s look at five proven techniques to take your existing list, improve it, and boost your results.

1. Purchase a trade show attendee list

Trade shows are industry-specific events that attract decision-makers and potential clients. Acquiring an attendee list from crucial trade shows in your market vertical can provide you with a highly targeted audience. Trade show attendees also tend to be decision-makers, so this is a high-value add.

2. Purchase a Media List

Specialty magazines, including trade magazines, have well-defined target audiences; some may be willing to sell or rent their subscriber lists. These lists often come with valuable demographic breakdowns, making them effective tools for targeted marketing.

3. Tap Your Content Marketing

If you have a content marketing strategy, capitalize on it to build your direct mail list. For instance, if you offer an e-newsletter, ask recipients for their street addresses during sign-up. Similarly, when website visitors download white papers or case studies, prompt them to fill out an online registration form with an option to provide their contact information. By collecting this data, you can expand your direct mail list with engaged prospects who have already shown interest in your content.

4. Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the United States Postal Service is an affordable way to target households within a specific demographic radius. While EDDM lists do not include individual names, they are highly cost-effective. Not only are these campaigns inexpensive to mail, but once particular recipients respond, you now own those contacts and have their names.

5. Purchase a Cloned List

If you already have a productive direct mail list, consider leveraging it to create a cloned list. Start by creating a profile of your best customers based on demographics, interests, and buying behavior. Then purchase a list that closely mirrors this profile to expand your reach in your local area or help you move into a new one.

A successful direct mail campaign requires a great list. By utilizing the techniques discussed above, you can improve the accuracy of your targeting and reach new, high-value prospects just like them.