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Oh the Places You’ll Go With Labels

At BPI, we have always taken the view that modern print communication does not necessitate offset printing. While still a large part of our business, offset printing may not be the best or only option to produce client materials in a cost-effective, timely manner. Over ten years ago, we added our web-to-print technology along with…
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Direct Mail: A Better Way to Re-Engage Abandoned Cart Shoppers

Studies show that 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Whether you are a corner bakery or the neighborhood auto parts store, this matters—a lot. More and more sales are going online, and you need to convert every cart to a sale. Abandoned carts are not always due to shoppers losing interest. Sometimes they just…
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Avoid the Content Marketing Disconnect

Regardless of the channel you use, relevant content is critical. But for content to be effective, it has to connect with the audience in a way—and at the time—the audience expects. Marketers may understand this intuitively, but how well do they put it into practice? Uberflip, a content delivery platform, recently conducted a survey of…
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Graphic Design Tips to Inspire Trust

In a world filled with uncertainty, design techniques that create a sense of comfort and security can go a long way toward winning customers’ trust. Whether you are designing for print or digital, here are five tips from the experts… Include Official Logos & Badges Whether we consciously recognize it or not, certain design elements…
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