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New Wideformat Hardware

Print Production Peers (P3): New Twist on Peer Groups

The concept of joining a printing industry peer group is not for everybody. Some executives are uncomfortable with the thought of sitting down with a group of colleagues and sharing certain information regarding their businesses, particularly financial data. It’s a somewhat progressive concept and, frankly, it may not appeal to execs who have been doing…
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Switching from Static to Personalized Makes Results Soar

With consumers squarely in charge of product research long before they ever contact your company, content marketing is more important than ever. One of the most important forms of content marketing is the customer newsletter—and more and more are moving to personalized editorial. What happens to results if you switch from a general-education newsletter to…
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Boost Response Rates by Providing Choices

Want to boost the results of your next marketing campaign? Give customers a choice in how to respond. You might be thinking, “What do you mean? We provide a phone number or website address. Isn’t that enough?” Not necessarily. Customers have different personalities, different lifestyles, and different preferences. The easier you can make it for…
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BPI: We’re More Than “The Guys That Print My Stuff”

Quick! Define commercial printer. “What? You mean the guy who prints my stuff?” If that was your answer, maybe it’s time you took another look. At one time, the printer was the guy with ink under his nails. He wasn’t the idea man. He was the guy who ran the press. He knew paper. He…
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Storefront Benefits: How Our Web-to-Print Solution Benefits You

Our storefront solution offers our clients a different way to manage their marketing collateral and digital assets. Through a branded browser-based web portal, our customers can monitor the effectiveness of their marketing material, order print-on-demand material and fulfill orders through a real-time inventory system. Some of the many things our Storefront Solution can perform for…
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Boosting Sales with Loyalty Programs

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their loyalty. That’s why more and more marketers are offering a loyalty program these days. Direct mail offers unique benefits for these programs because you can offer coupons, deals, and offers and encourage participation with high-impact visual imagery that reinforces the value of the offer and excites your customers…
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Profile Before You Personalize

Want to achieve higher levels of success with your 1:1 (personalized) printing campaigns? Profile before you personalize! What does this mean? It means understanding what your customers look like as aggregate demographic or psychographic groups before you send targeted mailings or personalize to them as individuals.

Agfa Press Release: BPI Media Group Gets North America’s 1st Anapurna M2500

Download the full release from Agfa Graphics (PDF). —  BPI Media Group Gets North America’s 1st Anapurna M2500 from Agfa Graphics Eight-foot wide inkjet printer will broaden new market opportunities Elmwood Park, NJ – January 13, 2014 – The first Anapurna M2500 from Agfa Graphics in North America has been sold and it’s calling BPI Media Group ( of…
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Wide format commercial press

Welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! It was a busy year at BPI Media Group, and I want to personally thank our employees, vendors and especially our customers for making 2013 a wonderful year. We ended the year with the exciting news that we have entered into wide-format printing. In November, we took possession…
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